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Help your Clients cultivate their own well-being,
and save time on your Network Management!

With Ai.Life you can listen and assist Clients in their health journey, staying up to date on their progress in a discreet way!

I will suggest you the right moment to reach out using our personalized message system.

Our Gamification System can help you gently motivate even the hardest Client. This way, the app genuinely supports the Clients’ roadmap.

In addition, I will get you both involved in improving your quality of life on a daily basis.

We know Apps can be annoying, and turn into a source of stress. Ai.Life has an intelligent notification system, specifically calibrated to provide information without annoying.

You and your Clients will be motivated to complete your daily tasks in a genuine way, saving time to invest in your activities.

Ai.Life, intelligence applied to life.

Try the exclusive app for OLife distributors now, and stay up date on the project by subscribing to our Newsletter!

Hello! I am


your ally for well-being.

Oliv.ia will help your Clients maintain healthy habits by keeping track of their progress.

Thanks to Oliv.ia and the power of machine learning, Ai.Life will improve your Client assistance through customized plans.


your Network easily

Nurturing your Network can be tricky: no easy way to visualize it and tons of information to remember.

Ai.Life fixes this issue as well: the distributor dashboard provides a quick overview of your Clients and their Phase of Treatment.


tricks and secrets with us

Experience the Distributor community firsthand!

Access the Video Tutorial section and learn how to manage your network through exclusive multimedia content.

Discover all secrets now.

Download our app, already available on all stores.


with your downline

Ai.Life is a new way to interact with your audience. Improve your Engagement Action with surveys and targeted communications.

Share your customized content with your downline through our handy News Section.

The Shop section allows in-app purchase and access to special offers.

The Integrated Chat allows you to reach out with your network.

The Academy will guide your educational journey anytime, anywhere.

A good harvest starts from a good planting.

By purchasing an Ai.Life Ambassador Pack or higher, you can access the Advanced Life mode, which includes exclusive surveys and an Automation Marketing section for your network.

Easily manage orders, keep your Clients within reach and further customize your notifications.

Ai.Life is an ever-changing intelligence. Over time, it will learn from you the best way to handle every situation.

The Ambassador Pack will give you access to advanced network data for the best possibile harvest!

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